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Mold Damage can be a major health hazard. Provided with the right environment, mold can easily spread out your entire property within 24-48 hours. Mold damage can be harmful to not only your property but your loved ones too. Our professionally trained, certified remediation specialists utilize state of the art drying methods, extraction equipment, critical containment, HEPA vacuums, PPE, and antimicrobial treatments to remove, and neutralize the growth.Our expert will provide free estimates to determine just what is needed to solve your problem. 

Getting rid of mold can be a pretty tricky task. This is because molds uses their environment as food. Mold uses digestive enzymes to break down the materials in your home. As long as it has moisture and oxygen, it can grow on almost material, organic and inorganic. Some of its favorite materials to grow on include wood, carpet, food and insulation. The main cause for mold growth is excess moisture in the air, which is usually caused by some sort  of water damage. Because mold reproduces rather quickly, it is important to contact Professional Restoration at the first sign of ANY mold growth. Once it finds a damp surface, it makes itself comfy and starts reproducing. Give us a call before the mold in your house gets out of hand!

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