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How We Can Help Make Your Home Remodel a Breeze.

Professional Restoration does not only provide Mitigation and Emergency assistance, but turn-key remodel and design services as well. It doesn’t matter what space you are looking to refurbish; Professional Restoration can help create the fresh new look you are dreaming of!

1. Bathrooms. Bathrooms are a spot we spend a lot of time, but tend to neglect when it comes to updating and remodeling. We take pride in creating a space you are excited to use, and our bathroom remodels pictured below are sure to make a statement in your home.

2. Kitchens. With the kitchen being a spot everyone in the house makes use of, it should look and feel like the heart of the home. If nothing else, a kitchen remodel is sure to elevate the value of your home. The wet-bar pictured below is just one portion of the beautiful kitchen Professional Restoration could help create to take your home to the next level.

3. Closets. A closet remodel can be the most exhaustive of them all, with the stresses of trying to come up with the best configuration for your needs. Utilizing your room the best way possible can help create space you never knew you had, leaving you with something like the dream closet below.

4. Dining Rooms. Whether your home is old or new, dining rooms tend to be a neglected space. It can be difficult to make use of a cramped dining room, so it is important to find the right layout. Check out the openness and charm of the beautiful space below.

5. Hall Areas. Who pays attention to hallways, right? Well, you would be surprised. Hallways are not just to get you from room to room anymore, they also pose as a space for decorating and personalization.

6. Laundry Rooms. It can be hard trying to design a space with a specific function- but we think a laundry room should make you feel good since the tasks associated with the space may not do the same. A fun paint color or pattern on the floor, like in the photo below, can do just that.

7. Entry Ways. You may not spend an abundance of time in your entry way, but it is one of the first impressions received by guests. Make sure your visitors are wowed as soon as they walk in the door with a space like the grand entry way shown below.

8. Extra Spaces. Whether your extra space is used for storage, a playroom like the remodel shown below, or simply extra space; make sure it has a purpose. You might be thinking, is it really worth it? By taking advantage of your extra space, you can create a funcitonal room for whatever your current needs may be.

Professional Restoration offers all of the remodeling services listed above, as well as anything else you can dream up for your home! There is no doubt that home remodels can be overwhelming- but with a FREE estimate from Professional Restoration it is easy to understand what you are in for. Call us at (636) 486-2711 to get started today!

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